Identity Crisis: Who AM I? and What am I doing here? By Jena Perry, Journ65

Till this very present day,  I absolutely dread this question: “Who am I?” I feel this way, mainly because I do not like to talk or write about myself ( which ironically i am doing right now at this point).I have a very difficult time creating a cohesive and coherent statement and despise giving superficial answers. In addition, I have a privacy issue and know that anyone can read these blogs at anytime. Call it a foreshadowing of possible vulnerability issues, I call it constructive paranoia; in a time where anyone can look up your information and use it against you, my hesitation is ever prominent; realizing personal information can be easily obtained over the internet. However, for all intensive purposes, I will shed some light on my background and current life predicament: I am 24 years old. Sun sign Sagittarius/Rising sign Libra; that means my scales have to be balanced, and my philosophy, a universal dogma. I am a social and functioning misanthrope. I am a college student.By government statistics, I  am an African-American, single-mother. I have no political or religious affiliations and absolutely loathe my current government. I love nature and probably practiced Wicca in a past life. I am in the process of creating my own journalism website and idolize music and theater/film.  I love discussing all ideas and love dogs. I am here in this class, mainly for personal enrichment and fine-tuning  my natural journalistic and writing skills. Beyond that,I am not a Pastor; so the answer to the song that never ends will not be attempted to be hypothesized by me. Hope you all enjoyed the read.So, until next type……


One thought on “Identity Crisis: Who AM I? and What am I doing here? By Jena Perry, Journ65

  1. Mike10613 says:

    I would write something on the About page, but your content is good so far. You can do a few categories so you can express you views on all your interests. The main thing is not to be boring… That means not copying everyone else and developing your own style and ideas.

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