Journalists: Evolving with Journalism IS evolving with society.{Jena perry, Journ 65}

I believe that being a Journalist entails more than just reporting or being a social commenter; Journalists are social activists, creative writers, Political analysts, Sociologists and Psychologists. In this century of technology, a new guild is now added to this career choice: Media Socialite. Its more than needing to understand how to use social media; one has to master, bring originality and the same standards of accuracy and integrity that is the foundation for quality journalism.  Instead of being intimidated by twitter or Facebook or the many blogging websites, maximize these tools as much as possible. Networking is highly important in the journalistic field; therefore its very immature to believe that social media is not going to hand in hand with networking. Some may even argue, that is the reason why these sites were created. I just say, Social media is just another arsenal added to my mental weaponry. The journalist who is able to master this social media evolution is the one that holds the most power. Until next type….


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