I am No longer a Virgin:One night Stand or LinkedIn for the long haul?

When I was first introduced to the LinkedIn website, boring came to mind;  then curiosity and then finally, like American/European history, exploitation. Like many novice social media participants, I didn’t know such websites existed. So when I  inquired about it to my fellow peers, I was surprised to find out that they knew about LinkedIn and even had a profile on the LinkedIn, but rarely used the site.

This prompted my typical Sagittarius tactless response, ” so why the hell did you create one?” Luckily David Wells, author of a blog titled  “How to leverage LinkedIn to Market Your Business, candidly pointed out that “…people set up their profile and let it sit for months and didn’t do anything with it or reach out and connect with other like minded people on the network.”  still my logic is baffled. why do so many of my friends like to waste time and then complain about not being able to find a job?

Any-who,  He went on to explain that “the same principles of real life networking also apply on LinkedIn. If you were to go to a networking event and not talk with anyone, do you think you would built any relationships or potential business leads? ” I completely concur with both statements. I think people get the idea that these social websites should do the job for them, only because it allows to network on a mass scale quicker and instantly. But regardless, in any field or project you pursue, plain ole hard work will always be required and preferred. I mean if we allowed machines to do everything for us, what would be the point of human existence?

So far my  experience has been pleasant with LinkedIn. Once viewed as just another task to complete for a class, I see a plethora of resources at my fingertips and a great way to promote my website. Plus, the awkward morning after, wasn’t that awkward,; in fact LinkedIn invited me to come back for more 🙂 and even wanted me to invest “100%”. I think she really likes me. The new found disdain for the internet and the various  social remedial web-spawns  has subsided…. for now. Till Next Type……..


3 thoughts on “I am No longer a Virgin:One night Stand or LinkedIn for the long haul?

  1. Grannelle says:

    @Jena – like many other endeavors, LinkedIn will provide one just about as much as is put into it; no effort, no gain, and the converse. From my own standpoint, I place as much enterprise, if not more, into it than I do any other SNS. I didn’t at first; like most, I set up my account, and left it. Then I read a few articles about what could be happening if I were to do this, do that. My results have been phenomenal, and it has become one of my most valuable investments in time and toil. By vetting that “100%”, I’m finding more and more that my payoff has been what I’d ordinarilly pay a kings ransom for. Best of luck w/ your own venture!

  2. A.S. Miller says:

    Well, you got my attention with your headline! But just to let you know, LinkedIn has been playing friendly with me too…a real charming lady! I agree with you, it’s a useful social media tool to have in the utility belt.

  3. I thought linkedin loved only me! Dirty rotten two-timing website!

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