The Cool Kids Revolution: How Much internet is too Much?

I recently read this article that discuseed the cultural and mental impact the interent era has on teenage kids. I must say that i choose this topic to blog about, mainly because, i grew up in the begining of the online era and am still young enough, but old enough, to see how its evolve and the negative side effects it has on my younger peers. As a parent, it also gives me a glimpse to what my daughter will be exposed to 9-10 years into the future and how I can preserve the precious traditions of good-ole fashion human interaction and reading books. I welcome all to watch this video   and here others oinion and expereince of “Growing Up online.”

As I watching this documentary, I began to worry;  quality education is  becoming a luxury for the elite. The more the teenage culture is exposed to a constant influx of media and advertisements, their critical thinking skills are at risk of fading away when they become adults. How can we expect them to make well-rounded, educated decisons, see through the smoke of greedy corporations and be politically aware of their nation and world issues, if they can’t pay attention for more  than 5 mins? what happens when reading a book or newspaper is something foreign and unrecognizable? We are raising a generation of instant stupidity; where the digital representation is more interesting the person it is representing.

The debate of technology vs. education and the instructors who struggle to find a balance, is one that will define how we teach our future generations. I cannot be completely harsh on criticizing teens and the internet; I had a MySpace, Facebook, account, yet I experience the flaws and positives of being socially active , via the internet. But the key is balance and discipline. We all can’t play Farmville for hours on end and then wonder why we keep seeing chickens in our bathrooms….. ’til next type.


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