The Morning After: A journal, A Night stand, and refreshing Perspective

After our initial passionate meeting, LinkedIn and I, entangled ourselves in self discovery and found out more about each other than originally expected. One question still came to this aspiring journalist’s mind: how do you benefit ME LinkedIn? she simply closed her eyes, open her world and I explored her social realms, still to this is new to me…

Apart from the dramatic poetic description that chronicles my experience my frustrations and accomplishments with LinkedIn, many have come to praise the benefits that LinkedIn has to offer journalists; even those who may not feel quite  comfortable yet, with joining the social media race.

In journalism and investigative reporting, networking and reporting resources are vital foundations. Not only for building a quality story, but also for the reputation of the journalist. LinkedIn can offer a way to not only diversify ones professional profile, it allows the journalist to add a certain individuality. LinkedIn makes it somewhat easier for one to answer the question of “what makes you different?”

I believe the public service that journalists provide, LinkedIn can help; with LinkedIn resources, journalists expand on topics and issues that affect a featured person on linked in, community organization or stories that are under reported. LinkedIn, to me, organizes information in way that journalists can use efficiently and accurately.


2 thoughts on “The Morning After: A journal, A Night stand, and refreshing Perspective

  1. Whoa, social media race! Exactly, great wording. Yep, it’s like a cold war, except for we’re not afraid of getting bombed…. we’re afraid of falling behind the new technology and into the desperate poverty that the large majority of people in the world face. Harrowing. Hmm, also, what does LinkedIn look like naked?

    • farasha360 says:

      lol, she looks pretty hot actually and smells like apricot. I love your analogy and feel that’s where a lot of writers or common folk insecurities arise from, especially the older crowd.

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