Do you have a Blimple?

Blimple n. A blog pimple that  needs to be pop; an annoying blemish on the English language; blogs that are filled with dirt and unnecessary pus that raise to the surface of the internet  networking interface.

Many of us have seen and even had a blimple; most just put a band-aid over it ( cool graphics and background music) or most even attempt to pop it; some are successful and no scars are left behind, while others are still left with the blemish and reminder of poor writing. That’s what I see when I go online and see thousands of blogs. Blimples.

But there is some hope; LinkedIn groups have, luckily, offered me a way to read real writers blog; and  some of intrinsic quality too. I love independent writers and even professional mainstream writers. From the novice who adds just enough jazz to his/her literary and social commentary, to the 40+ somethings who have a lot of wisdom to share, I am glad I have found an outlet that  represents the other side of the blogosphere.

This weeks post was a topic I think everyone has struggled with: What does one write about in a Blog? this question posted by Jodi Milner on the Writers Cafe group. below is her post:

“Looking for some great writing blogs to add to my blog roll, who else here blogs?

I blog at http://myliteraryquest.wordpress.comand am always looking for other great blogs to feature. If you are looking to increase your exposure or just your page hits, let me know. I’m currently looking for writers to interview or interesting posts from guest bloggers. …”

I visited her blogsite and was glad it WAS NOT  a blimple; in fact i enjoyed reading her blogs, especially her piece on one of my favorite authors,  Dr. Seuss.  In the end, after reading through the comments and even posting some of my own, I believe the decision to do a blog should be  based on a balance of personal doctrines and witty observations, with the professional undertone and journalistic responsibility to Enlighten, Educate, Inspire and Entertain. till’ next type…..


One thought on “Do you have a Blimple?

  1. A Blimple! How very aptly described, Jena. I’ll steal it.

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