So Many questions, And all the Unnecessary Answers.

For this weeks assignments, i didn’t even need to post a questions and then log my experience; I do this everyday. My main websites that I call “jumpoffs” (hahahaha, oh no, not the meaning in the hip-hop/rap world); are websites or ask engines, I use for a foundation or directional tool on a particular subject  or news, that i later investigate further . The two main websites I visit are Wikipedia and yahoo answers. and oh man the comedy and interesting things i find on there. My most recent search, was more of a personal one and was one that dealt with astrological compatibility… and from a now renowned expert on this fascinating  science, the answers i received where …. unique to say the least.

I recently got into a debate about the validity of Wikipedia and other Q&A engines, and my perspective is very simple; Like all investigative research, follow the Alma mater  “Do your research. Thoroughly.” Don’t ever just take any answer, or even the most reputable source as the final say; ALWAYS  fact check and  cross-reference from as many places as possible. I always strive to do objective research as a subjective journalist and  feel most should strive to approach, at least when finding answers to something you deem is important, as a scientists and always keep testing, for no mans’ one word is law; just all theory and mostly speculation. Till next type…


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