The Writers Basement: Artists and a Cafe



The UnConventional Advocate Journalist


Name: Toussaint Du Bois. aka liberation poet

Age: 26

Profession:  Aspiring Architect/ Revolutionist/Writer


        This interview actually came about from a discussion we were having, one of the many political discussions, and  felt he was a great candidate to interview; especially because he volunteers at the Commerator of The Black Panther Party in Berkeley, Ca. He writes and edits for their Newsprint.

Me: so, the basic boring stuff; age? where were you born?  

  Toussaint: Septemeber 7th, 1984; Detroit, Michigan

MeWould you considery ourself to be  traditional Journalist?

  Toussaint: well, to be honest I wouldn’t consider myself a journalist at all. 
Me: well that would conclude this interview. *laughs* well, okay to me, i consider you a journalist because of the work you do at the Commerator. you write for their newspaper right?
Toussaint: correct. well actually, I have been working there for the past 6 months and I really am proud of what I have accomplished so far. what I mainly do for the newspaper, however is mainly cover stories that affect out community and support the cause the Black Panther Party supports and some of my interest as well.
Me: so how do you gather the information for your stories?
Toussaint: I look to other journals. cite resources and references, Interviews with various people, for instance, the guy you met here, Melvin dickson or Elaine Brown.
Me: so why don’t you consider yourself a journalist?
Toussaint: well, a traditional journalist, no; I did’nt go to school for it so I don’t consider myself a hardcore journalist.
Me: So, for clarification purposes, i consider you to be a journalist because you perform a public service for you community; a moral that most journalist have failed to strictly uphold. through social media,You inform and uplift your community through your writing and bringing under-reported strories of struggle to light. speaking of social media, how do you think the various tools of sociai just media can be used to promote your message?
Toussaint: well with the current state of society and media, i say it doesnt; present the facts and the story will reveal itself. The mainstream media filters and spins the news and facts. They also don’t cover stories that are of dire importance to the consciousness of our communities; for example the Georgia prison strike or the death of Raheem Brown. both were not reported in the mainstream news, and much of the public are unaware of these incidents even occurring.
Me: so if you could use the tools, how would you use them?
Toussaint: well, in the positive aspect, social media makes it so easy to assemble and reach a mass amount of people. Its like centralized access; like the event page on Facebook. hundreds of people can view that within a day. its amazing.
Me: with the progression of such modern technology, where do you see the future of newspaper?the Commerator newspaper?
Toussaint: for the commerator, we are entering a monthly division phase—- also we use the newspaper as an organizing tool; i think the newspaper is dynamic in creating enthusiasm and passion for anything one wants to write about.


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