My Top Ten Revelations while Taking a Social Media Course

As I attempt to catch up on the classwork, this part of the assignment was quite simple to complete. Here are the ten things I learned while taking a social media class in journalism:

1. I learned that internet only gives the illusion of making it easier to get accurate and honest information.

2. I am more dependent on Google search than I would like to admit.

3. I Have learned the definition of an RSS feed.

4. I  was introduced to the blogosphere and my criticism on blogs have lessened over the course. It’s not the blogs that are terrible; usually the authors.

5. I value traditional news and reading the newspaper much more before I took this course.

6. I did not know that the internet age could be broken up into generations; nor have I notice the change since it happen so quickly.

7. I did not know what could be categorized as Social Media until i took this course.

8. I did not know Obama used Facebook nor other forms of social media to gather votes or the perspective of the american people on political agendas. This is a good example of how social media really engrained itself in our everyday use and reception of information on issues that affect our everyday lives.

9. The Tea Party movement with using blogs was single handily the best social-political media weapon I’ve seen this year.

10. I am more social media savvy than I was before; keeping up with the trends of technology are always the best defense for journalists to still be relevant to their readers.


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