” So why did you move here all the way from California?” INTRO TO A bay area guide to surving NYC

Oh, Gaia.

As a recently displaced artist from the lovely Bay Area to the infamous NYC, the blog title, as stated above, has been the most consistent and annoying question I have been asked since I moved to NYC. As a response to the understandable question is always garnered, I feel my California pride is partially to blame for the impulsive reaction. (esp. since I cannot keep where I am from to myself; Oakland is the greatest place.period.)


I mean, for us real new yorkers, change is not something we are very fond of; but the change to bring back the new york I had visited and have come to love, is not that hard to get support for.So, why did i come here? other than to look cool and be all ” I’m a California activist, who is an aspiring NYC writer (minus the Carrie Bradshaw, because I’m not a skinny white female who writes about unimportant things; sorry, but if i get compared to sex and the city one more time; i mean the show is entertaining, but that never was and never real reflect the real new york nor the dating scene for 90% of the middle to poor class people of color. )

I want to bring back the local love; the natives of this city who have been pushed out or moved to Florida; to save a crumbling school system that is blatantly robbing kids. to show the world that if it can work here, it damn sure can work anywhere; to visit all the beautiful monuments and hole in the wall places that only NYC has; and to finally put a national spotlight and spark a revolution right under NYPD (and the superiors who are actually more part of the problem than your average truancy police) ass for just being… having a history of being racist fucks! NYC I will always love you; For the culture shock and hustle has taught me so many things and the growth that I have undergone could only happen here.. but its time for a change.. time to bring you back ( minus the racism and before wall st. market crash of course. 🙂 )

until next type…..

P.S. (part 2 is really for us Californians who are going to try and survive the concrete jungle>)


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