I Disagree

This is in response to a post on facebook on an article written by Rahki Kumar; you can read it here:


MY Response:

I do not fully agree with this article; ironically as she is pointing out an image that beyonce is promoting is not to be looked up to, she is boiling down a person she has never met to the stereotype. I agree, the first woman could have picked someone else; but, funny enough, and in some ways sad enough, beyonce has the most class and the most clothes on than the “other” successful r&b diva’s. To boot, the fact a woman who flaunts her sexuality is still ostracized still shows that a woman must be of low intelligence and a “slut” if she is very sexual; and thus must promote the cycle of sexism, which was well in place before beyonce ever got famous. and also immortalizing woman who are the complete opposite does not undue the distorted view of woman. beyonce is a role model to those who look up to her; I blame the lack of understanding of how one works in the entertainment business, the culture of the american people, and the denial of the american people that sexism has become a staple in the exchange of interpersonal relationships. Do not discount har far one female individual has come because she does not fit the view of what a woman should be, for in fact that is the exact problem to begin with.

What’s your response?


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