The tell tale of the well-meaning racist, in denial.

Today’s example is brought to you by, PoBUS,  Police brutality proudly made in the U.S.A. Now, with all natural meat and no preservatives!




 They told me to stay off Facebook; this is what a  typical thread on a dreary Thursday looks like,


[insert non-white race here] killed a [insert non-white race here], proving it is not about race. Remember, I will quote that red herring of a statistic, which misleads the argument, stating ,whites are killed by cops more than blacks, even though it has already been proven false, just like black on black  crime.”


Then I will continue or maybe end with,


“well, they [police in question] are prejudice, flawed-filled humans; not like these thugs and gangstas wanting to be victims.”


Okay, John. Let’s go over your answers together and make sure we have your logic clear:


-In acknowledging the prejudice in some, it confirms, for you, we are ALL prejudicial by nature. A not so subtle attempt to  excuse your own moral prejudices as normal. The individual  prejudice becomes a reflection of the collective self-righteousness. Basically, you are okay with your own reasoning and prejudice, because you see it in others.


-Prejudice is a more proper title for the forbidden “r-word”,  according to the massive 150 year study on Racists in a state of self-denial, titled, ” All Lives Matter, *unless you are the bad guys*, Bootstrap Edition 2016.”  Fun fact: White privilege is considered  hate speech by folks in self denial about their racism.

– You buy into, no pun implied, the  “hero vs.villain” mentality. In not wanting to be the”bad guy”, you prefer the “good guy who made a wrong choice”;  consequently, having a knee jerk response in support of that archetype when presented in media.  I, mean, c’mon…. who wants to be the bad guy? or worst YET, seen as the “bad guy”?


– Being more concerned with how you look and sound to others, you waste tremendous amounts of energy on presenting an image rather than actually being what is represented. For example, how can you be for  anti-racism, when your definition of “victim”  changes when he/she does not fit the stereotypes supported by your unethical judgments of what a victim is.


-Last but not least,  your obsession of what it looks like, rather than what it is, is more apparent when  you see the mistake  the cop made and give them a pass,  but when you see a young brown or black person make a mistake, they are condemned to death.  Thus, it is not about the crime committed, but about the person who committed the crime.. the person who is judged by what…ah yes; your already prejudicial and flaw filled human perception..You can acknowledge the humanity of the cop in question, but not the thug in question. Another Fun Fact: racists in self denial often frame a thugs humanity in support of their just condemnation as consequence of their  inherited “flawed” nature…regardless if the person is guilty or not…


but yes, yes,  yes,


shhhhhhh, shhhhhh, calm down,


 yes, of course Linda,


you are not racist, I mean, what would ever make me think that?

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