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Just another Coincidence?

As I read many articles about the incident of the recently deaceased Thomas kelly, many question began to flood my mind; when will proper legislation,state or federal, be fully enforced to protect the rights of victims of police burtality? when will a good lawyer stop the loopholes these suspended police find to avoid any jail time or serious reprucussions? as in the case of Thomas Kelly, when will the mental health institution take more advanced efforts to provide consistent and agressive policies that will ensure the patients are safe and taking required medication? Why is it, is social commentary and public opinion, when a “white” man dies it is police brutality, but when it is a person of color or young person of color, the people of the affected community react, its playing the race card?

If one has not heard yet, Thomas kelly was a schizophrenic homless man who was beaten and stunned by the police; it is alleged that because of the injusries sustain from the incident he died in the hospital after being taken off life support. his behavior was common of most schizophrenics trying to live within the dilapiting american mental healt institution. and although he has support from his family, his case still represents a very common and sad reality for people suffereing from emntal illness. what makes this case, or moreso the suspected verdict for these cops, so interesting is that not only is their actual footage from the orange county transit system

(although, ironically, the footage obtained is not in its entierty and is owned by the fullerton police. deja-vu anyone?)1

1. “โ€œThe camera at the bus depot was controlled by Fullerton police. It shows certain things but [does] not completely show everything” that happened”


Quote of the day: Human Observation

” The more violent porn becomes, it not only mainstreams the Desensitization of Humans being treated less than human, it provides a subtle outlet for the murderous and violent tendecies that reside within all of us; all the whille gaining pleasure from either activity.”

” So why did you move here all the way from California?” INTRO TO A bay area guide to surving NYC

Oh, Gaia.

As a recently displaced artist from the lovely Bay Area to the infamous NYC, the blog title, as stated above, has been the most consistent and annoying question I have been asked since I moved to NYC. As a response to the understandable question is always garnered, I feel my California pride is partially to blame for the impulsive reaction. (esp. since I cannot keep where I am from to myself; Oakland is the greatest place.period.)


I mean, for us real new yorkers, change is not something we are very fond of; but the change to bring back the new york I had visited and have come to love, is not that hard to get support for.So, why did i come here? other than to look cool and be all ” I’m a California activist, who is an aspiring NYC writer (minus the Carrie Bradshaw, because I’m not a skinny white female who writes about unimportant things; sorry, but if i get compared to sex and the city one more time; i mean the show is entertaining, but that never was and never real reflect the real new york nor the dating scene for 90% of the middle to poor class people of color. )

I want to bring back the local love; the natives of this city who have been pushed out or moved to Florida; to save a crumbling school system that is blatantly robbing kids. to show the world that if it can work here, it damn sure can work anywhere; to visit all the beautiful monuments and hole in the wall places that only NYC has; and to finally put a national spotlight and spark a revolution right under NYPD (and the superiors who are actually more part of the problem than your average truancy police) ass for just being… having a history of being racist fucks! NYC I will always love you; For the culture shock and hustle has taught me so many things and the growth that I have undergone could only happen here.. but its time for a change.. time to bring you back ( minus the racism and before wall st. market crash of course. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

until next type…..

P.S. (part 2 is really for us Californians who are going to try and survive the concrete jungle>)